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Effective Tips for Seniors When Using Social Media

Tips for Seniors When Using Social Media

The rise of social media has changed the landscape on how communication is being done today. It’s not anymore just the monopoly of the young. A sharp increase in the number of seniors who are turning to social media has been recorded in the last few years. Seniors citizens these days have been very much in tune with the development of technology, such as the use of smartphones and tablet computers. These people have utilized social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Skype, and deemed it as a convenient means to communicate with friends and families far and wide. In fact, there is a study conducted which reflects that about 35% of senior people are engaged in using Facebook. Such a number is predicted to continue to rise as Facebook is gradually inching its way to an even better spot in the world of technology and innovation.

As a care assistant from Non-Medical Home Care in Greensboro Drive McLean VA, it is your duty to always keep seniors under your ward to be safe from any risks to their well-being. That is why if your senior client wants to engage in using different social media platform, you need to explain how the thing works before even letting them jump into the social media realm. Take time to inform your senior clients regarding social media etiquette to help them have a holistic understanding of its use. Check the following reminders:

  • Connect them with people they know. Advice your senior clients at home to only add people they personally know. With the billions of people active in social media sites, there will be a good number of crooks who will take advantage on the naivety of certain users. Hence, assist your senior clients in filtering those who are worth adding and those who must be ignored.
  • Not all that’s posted are true. Social media has paved way for freedom of discourse and conveying of information. However, your senior clients should be told that not everything that’s posted on social media are true. Assist them in finding out whether shared information is founded in truth. Also, it would help not to share anything that’s considered as “fake news” which are all too common in this age of post-truth.
  • Manage privacy settings. Identity theft is prevalent in social media. In order for your senior client not to fall prey into the modus operandi of the crooks, remind them to set their privacy settings in a safe mode such that pictures, birthday, address, and relevant personal information are not easily accessible by people they don’t know. Non-Medical Home Care in VA emphasizes on client privacy and security in home care management.

Social media really has a lot of benefits that any users can take advantage of. It is an important tool in reconnecting and maintaining strong relationships with friends and family. Yet, the use of such entails responsibility, as well as a good grasp on how such a platform works. Stressing the responsible use of social media to your senior clients will help keep them at bay from any troubles. Thus, before you assist them in creating a social media account, see to it that they have truly understood how social media works and the risks that may come with its irresponsible use. OptimumCare Home Care Services have professionals who are trained in social media etiquette.

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