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The Importance of a Healthy Diet at an Advanced Age


The older we become, the more important it is to maintain a healthy diet. Our food acts as not only our fuel, but it can also have both a positive and negative impact on our health, depending on what we eat. These effects will only become more pronounced with age, thus the importance of making sure you are eating right.

Here are a few reasons why it is so vital to have a nutritious diet:

  • Energy:
    Eating right can provide you with the energy you need to get through the day and pursue activities that you love. If you are experiencing fatigue or if you are constantly sleepy, then this could be because of your diet. OptimumCare Home Care Services can help you out through our home care service in Woodbridge, Virginia. We are able to prepare delicious and nutritious meals for you, to ensure that you have the energy you need.
  • Immune System:
    Your diet can have a large impact on the overall effectiveness of your immune system. You can improve aspects of your immune system by eating certain kinds of food. For example, trout is a good source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which can help prevent Alzheimer’s. Switching to a healthier diet will help you maintain your health and even protect you against serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, and much more.
  • Reduced Cancer Risk:
    Your diet can actually help you reduce your risk of cancer. Switching over to more fruits and vegetables can go a long way in keeping you cancer free. The preservatives and chemicals found in many processed foods can increase your risk of cancer, so by minimizing your consumption of these types of food, you can keep yourself healthy. To ensure you are eating right, our companion services in Fredericksburg, Virginia can help you out.

That is just a few of the many basics that you will want to keep in mind. By improving your diet, you can improve your health and ensure that you can continue living a more independent and healthier life well into your golden years. We can even provide you with numerous services including skilled nursing in McLean, Virginia.

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