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Simple Things that can Make Your Senior Loved Ones Happy


“How to be happy?” That is one big question with millions (even billions) of indefinite answers. But the answers will largely depend upon the occurring circumstances. If you are a businessman, happiness may come in a form of increasing sales. If you are a boxer, winning the world championship can be a joyous feat. But how about for senior citizens? Is there a way to be happy despite the long list of medical prescriptions and a weaker body?

Many have said that what matters most to senior citizens are the things that seem insignificant to the younger generations. What are these? Here is a short list of things that any baby boomer would likely appreciate:

1. Time.
Time is gold, but actually, it is more than that. Meeting your loved ones personally is a strong affirmation that you care for them. For the seniors, feeling the said care is worth more than all the things money can buy in this world. Take a day off or two and stay over your dear loved ones’ place once in a while.

2. Attention.
You may be with them physically, but mentally, you are absent. When you choose to take care of the old-timers, meet them by the eye. Do not just visit them for the sake of showing up. This might imply that to you, they are but an obligation to fulfill and nothing more.

3. Laughter.
Aside from being the world’s best medicine, it is also free. So why shy away from laughing? Crack a joke or simply smile at them! Let good vibes and genuine compassion fill the room. Engage in activities that both of you have not experienced before and you might discover new things about each other.

4. Hugs.
Hugging exudes two things: connectivity and security. In the arms of the persons you love, stress and anxiety have no place to reside. Hug your senior loved ones as much as you can. Do not wait for the time that you are no longer able to do so.

5. Respect.
Yes, they are old, but they are humans still. They deserve to live with dignity and pride. Their conditions may have stripped them of their vigor and power but they must not be ridiculed.

6. Love.
There is no concrete formula in delivering love to senior loved ones. Applying items one to five above is already an expression of love. In serving them, take it from the heart. Stay true and committed. No need for flashy and spectacular antics.

We know happiness is not a thing, it is a moment! Allow the caregivers of OptimumCare Home Care Services share it with you! With carefully crafted programs to address your needs, this Non-Medical Home Care in VA will do its very best not to let you down.

We are not just a systematic and professional Non-Medical Home Care in Greensboro Drive McLean VA , we are also a loving family. To allow our care to enter your homes, visit today!

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