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Heart-Healthy Foods to Include in Your Elderly’s Diet


Did you know that our senior loved ones are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases than their younger counterparts? This is because, as we grow older, our cardiovascular system, particularly our heart and blood vessels, ages as well.

For instance, their hearts cannot beat as fast during physical activity in their golden years. With age, plaque also begins to build up in their coronary arteries such that blood flow to their heart becomes limited.

Fortunately, we can help them prevent further damage and minimize less than desirable effects of aging by maintaining a healthy lifestyle- the cornerstone of which is a heart-healthy diet.

So, what does a heart-healthy diet look like?

As your trusted provider of skilled nursing in McLean, Virginia at OptimumCare Home Care Services, here are pointers to follow:

  1. No more than six ounces of cooked lean meat, poultry, fish, or seafood a day
  2. Three servings of vegetables or more a day
  3. Two to three servings of fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt, or cheese everyday
  4. At least three servings of whole-grain food items a day
  5. Maximum of six to eight servings of fat and oils every day
  6. Reduce sodium intake to less than 2,400 milligrams (mg) a day

This guideline may look difficult to follow but with a licensed provider of home care service in Woodbridge, Virginia, like our own, following a heart-healthy diet is very much doable. Hire our professionals today.

We also offer companion services in Fredericksburg, Virginia, for your convenience. Get in touch with us!

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