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Foods That Are Not as Safe as You Think


We often take the process of eating for granted. Actions like chewing, biting, and even swallowing become more difficult and can even make the mildest of foods dangerous to eat. Older mouths also tend to be dry as our salivary production decreases with age. Medications such as antidepressants, antihistamines, and diuretics may also contribute to the slow production of saliva.

Reduced saliva makes food harder to swallow, which turns it into choking hazards. Don’t worry, OptimumCare Home Care Services is here to point out some of the food you should be looking out for:

  • Crackers. Crackers are some of the most popular snacks among seniors. Even caregivers who specialize in Companion Services in Fredericksburg, Virginia would give crackers as afternoon snacks to seniors, paired with some tea or fruit juice to help fight the dryness, and make them easier to swallow and chew.
  • Peanut butter. The next time you make a peanut butter sandwich for grandma take note that the thick consistency of this spread can get it lodged in the throat. Make sure to spread thinly and add some jelly to reduce the choking risk.
  • Fruit. Seniors often struggle to bite directly into fruits. Nurses in our Home Care Service in Woodbridge, Virginia opt to chop the fruit into smaller pieces. Don’t cut them up too big as they can be hard to chew and lead to your senior choking.

Choking hazards are also common among seniors with advanced medical conditions. For instance, a patient with Parkinson’s may find chewing and swallowing more difficult as their disease progresses through its stages. If this is the case, our Skilled Nursing in McLean, Virginia can help. Dial 703-490-8003 to learn more.

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