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Bringing Specialized Care to Your Doorstep


Private duty nursing is a specialized form of care that brings skilled nursing in Fredericksburg, Virginia, directly to the comfort of your home. This personalized approach is designed to meet the unique healthcare needs of individuals, providing a range of services tailored to promote well-being and recovery.

Unlike traditional healthcare settings, private duty nursing brings the hospital to your doorstep, complementing live-in home care in Virginia and other home-based care services. Whether you or your loved one requires assistance with chronic condition management, post-surgery recovery, or ongoing medical support, this type of nursing ensures that the highest quality of care is delivered right to your doorstep.

One aspect that sets private duty nursing apart is its versatility, extending beyond just medical care. Personal care in Virginia is seamlessly integrated into the services, providing individuals with assistance in daily activities, personal hygiene, and overall well-being. This holistic approach ensures that patients receive medical attention and experience a compassionate and supportive environment in the familiarity of their homes.

Geriatric care management is also a crucial focus of private-duty nursing, recognizing the unique challenges and health considerations of aging. By tailoring their services to meet the needs of older individuals, these nurses contribute to improved quality of life and enhanced overall well-being.

OptimumCare Home Care Services offers a comprehensive suite of personalized services, including medical social service, to cater to the diverse needs of individuals. Our commitment to bringing these services to your doorstep is grounded in the belief that every person deserves access to high-quality care within the comfort and security of their own home.

We also offer pediatric care and more. Contact us!


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