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2 Medical Innovations Emerging to Change Health Care

2 Medical Innovations Emerging to Change Health Care

Can you imagine wearing a device that’s not only reminding you to exercise or meditate but can also diagnose your possible health condition? The combination of science, medicine, and technology is continually changing the way we understand health which can improve the delivery of home care service in Woodbridge, Virginia.

  • Wearable Therapy

    Before, mobile phone devices and wearable services are only focused on tracking fitness but now, they are already used on preventive health care. This year and the coming years, they are being developed to provide electrical, vibrational, and olfactory stimulation to solve physical and mental health problems. An example of this device is the wristband called Project Emma, the creation of Haiyan Zhang at Microsoft. The wearable therapy becomes successful in helping a patient with Parkinson’s to go back in writing and drawing.

  • VR Therapy

    We already know how dogs, music, photos, and other distracting elements can help to ease the pain that a patient is dealing with. With the innovative virtual reality (VR) applications, it is now possible to alleviate a certain ailment that you or a loved one is dealing with. This can be a significant aid for providers of skilled nursing in McLean, Virginia.

Medical researchers are on the move to make health care more advanced in enhancing the quality of life. We at OptimumCare Home Care Services are hopeful for the future.

If you need companion services in Fredericksburg, Virginia, you can reach out to us at 703-490-8003 for further assistance.

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