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Home Safety in Woodbridge, Virginia

It can be scary for a family caregiver to get a loved one into or out of the bathtub without fearing a slip or a fall. Sometimes, family caregivers aren’t strong enough themselves to do so safely, and large numbers of family caregivers are injured every year while trying to provide physical support for a loved one.

OptimumCare Home Care Services provides home health aides and certified nursing assistants trained in various methods of safe transfers, both for the client and themselves. Use of assistive devices, when necessary, ensures proper transfers as well as a safer and less stressful transfers from bed to chair, wheelchair to sofa, or wheelchair to bathtub or toilet.

Many of us don’t realize how often we transition from one piece of furniture to another throughout the day until we actually pay attention. When each one of those transfers becomes intimidating for a senior or a family caregiver, it’s time to get help. Many local communities offer classes on proper transfer techniques, but many don’t take advantage of them. OptimumCare Home Care Services staff are well-versed in a wide range of transfer techniques that support the safety and security of those recuperating from surgery, those who are paralyzed, or those confused and combative due to a form of dementia.

Transfers are necessary to prevent decubitus ulcers (bedsore or pressure sores), as well as poor circulation. Some transfers are more difficult than others, depending on the overall physical condition and size of the transferee, in addition to any special braces, bandages, casts, or other devices that may be used in particular scenarios.

At OptimumCare Home Care Services , we can reduce the risk of falls, slips or accidents by utilizing proper transfer and support techniques in home-based environments. Whether your loved one needs help with a minimum of transfers, or requires help all day long, our well-trained, courteous and professional staff can be there for you. Avoid risking injury to yourself, especially if your loved one is especially tall, heavy, or limited physically.

Call OptimumCare Home Care Services today and ask about our transfer assistance services. Mobility is important, but so is safety.

caregiver assisting senior woman to walk