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Elderly Care in Centereville, Virginia

Centreville is located in Fairfax County, Virginia, classified as a suburb of Washington, DC. Located approximately 20 miles west of downtown Washington, DC, it’s a popular suburb for commuters to the nation’s capital. The city was founded in the mid-1700s, with a rich history in colonial, federal, and Civil War eras. The city offers not only points of historical interest, but modern amenities up to and including health and wellness services. Retirees can rest assured that a variety of senior services as well as options for medical services are available, including those provided by OptimumCare Home Care Services.

Who We Are

OptimumCare Home Care Services are a family-owned business. We’re not a franchise, so what does that mean for you? It means that we have no other goal other than providing you and your loved ones with a variety of services that increase or maintain security, mobility, and independence in the home. We’re a leading in-home nursing care provider in the region and provide certified, trained, licensed, and experienced caregivers as well as staff to meet the needs of our diverse array of clients. We focus on the whole person, and not just the physical aspects of an individual. Our compassionate and friendly staff and caregivers are just as focused on the mental and emotional health and wellness of clients as the physical.

Our Services

OptimumCare Home Care Services are wide and varied depending on your needs. We meet with clients and their family members to determine risks and assess the situation so that working together, we can devise the best care plan that will maintain or increase mobility, independence, peace of mind, and quality of life for all involved. Our services in the Centreville, Virginia region range from personal care and help meet daily activity needs such as dressing, bathing, eating, and toileting, to medication supervision, oversight for those diagnosed with dementia, and meal planning and preparation. We also provide transfer assistance, companion services, light housekeeping, and private duty nursing, live-in home care, and respite care. You can rest assured that whether you need a short-term or a live-in caregiver, OptimumCare Home Care Services are dedicated to meeting all of your needs based on your schedule and not ours.

Contact Us

For additional information regarding our full range of short term and long term or round-the-clock care services, called OptimumCare Home Care Services at 703-490-8003. We’re here 24 hours (and that means weekend and holidays too) to provide you and your loved ones with compassionate and caring services whenever you need us.

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