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Tag Archives: Companion care


Ways to Make Your Picky Child Eat Food

Pickiness is a common behavior that arises as youngsters develop. They frequently discover flavors and textures that they don't like, especially if they have sensory issues. You should not let this discourage you as a parent. In fact, you should...

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Companion Care Services for Seniors

Home care is primarily considered as a form of assistance to seniors so they may live a quality life. Typically, caregivers are expected to provide personal care support to those who have trouble completing their daily activities. For some with...

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Effective Ways to Help Seniors Cope With Sundowning

Sundowning or Sundowners syndrome is a symptom that’s often associated with Alzheimer’s or dementia. It is characterized by the individual’s inability to distinguish night from day. Often, a person who has Sundowners have trouble falling...

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caregiver assisting senior woman to walk