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3 Fun Tips That Can Help Reduce Stress


For many of us, it can feel like no matter what we do we just simply cannot get away from stress. It is constantly gnawing at us throughout the day, which can leave us feeling drained and exhausted before we … Continue reading

Posted in Non-medical home care on August 6, 2018 by Louise Savoie

Getting Back on Your Feet: The Perks of Therapy


Recovering from a serious medical operation or learning how to pick up the pieces of your life after becoming disabled can be challenging. However, it is possible to get back on your feet and start living the lifestyle you love. … Continue reading

Posted in Non-medical home care on August 1, 2018 by Louise Savoie

Seniors, Are You Safe on the Internet?


The internet can be used for a variety of things, like communicating and shopping.Its numerous applications always keep us in awe, don’t you agree? However, the internet is also a dangerous place. You could risk losing money or your identity … Continue reading

Posted in Senior Safety on July 23, 2018 by Louise Savoie

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